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"Preventing Foreclosures One Home at a Time"

 San Diego Short Sale Specialists

     While another round of foreclosures are sweeping the nation as the economy shifts again, our network of short sale Realtors are saving many San Diego area homeowners, like yourself, from it. In fact, in most cases the banks prefer to go through a short sale rather than a costly foreclosure, which costs the bank $58,000 on average. If your home is now worth less than what you owe on your mortgage, you may qualify. Your lender will also want you to prove your hardship to them. Some hardships that can qualify you are loss of income or job, relocation, death in the family, increased bills, inability to make needed repairs, increased living expenses and divorce.

One ten minute phone call can qualify you


     Our team of San Diego short sale Realtors® will perform all of the traditional duties of a regular agent such as marketing your property, showings, presenting offers and contracts etc.  In addition, they will work with your lenders to agree to a lower payoff amount on your loan and oversee the entire short sale process through closing. Once an offer is received, sent to the bank, approved by the bank, and closed, you can move on with your life! This is our expertise.

     If you have never refinanced your home, your lender has no right to pursue a deficiency judgment for the remaining debt after the sale has taken place in most cases in the state of California. If you have refinanced, your lender can still hold the right to pursue a judgment on the amount owed after the short sale. However, our agents are very good at working with the banks to get home owners completely forgiven of the debt and are successful in doing so over 98% of the time! In addition, we are able to get relocation money back over 70% of the time for you.

    We have experience with literally thousands of short sales.

Best of all, the entire process costs you NOTHING!

All traditional closing costs are paid for by your lenders.



Me and my team have helped thousands of home owners like you who are in
financial hardship through the short sale process.  Our San Diego short sale specialists
are waiting to speak with you and qualify you for a short sale.


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One of our specialists will then contact you shortly to qualify you for a short sale.

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Areas of San Diego, CA that our Short Sale Agents cover

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Mission Beach California Short Sale Specialist Help - Our team of local Mission Beach CA short sale specialists will short sale your home at no cost to you! Paradise Hills CA Short Sale Realtors - Paradise Hills CA short sale Realtors offering free short sale services to home owners in hardship. Scripps Ranch California Short Sale Realtor Help - Short Sale your Scripps Ranch home with a specialist! Call the Short Sale Specialist Network today! Downtown San Diego CA Short Sales - Downtown San Diego short sale specialists here to help home owners facing foreclosure. Hillcrest California Short Sale Specialists - Local Hillcrest CA short sale Realtors waiting to hear from you! Call today to short sale your home for free! National City CA Avoid Foreclosure Specialists - Short sale a home in National City California with a short sale expert. Our short sale specialists offer free services.

Kensington San Diego Short Sales - Short sale specialists in Kensington San Diego California helping homeowners avoid foreclosure at no cost.

Chula Vista California Short Sale Specialist Help - Contact us to speak to a short sale Expert Realtor in Chula Vista CA to Stop Foreclosure.

Pacific Beach California Short Sale Specialist Realtor Help - Pacific Beach California short sale Realtors offering free short sale help to local home owners in hardship

Our San Diego CA short sale Realtors offer free short sale services to California home owners in hardship. Get free help from short sale specialists to buy or sell short sale properties in San Diego California. Stop San Diego CA Foreclosure! Call us and ask "How to short sale a San Diego CA home" or "I need help to short sale my home in San Diego California" and we'll get you started in the process.  Look no further if you are in need of short sale services in San Diego, CA.  Need a San Diego CA Distressed Property Expert Certified in short sales to offer free Chase short sale services? Our San Diego area Distressed Property Expert Certified real estate agents are here to help. Our agents are also Equator Certified short sale agents and are very familiar with the short sale processing platform that most of the banks use to process the short sales. Your lender may ask you specifically to contact an agent in the San Diego CA area who is experienced with the Equator Platform.

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