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"Preventing Foreclosures One Home at a Time"

San Francisco California Short Sale Specialist Help


What Can We Do For You?

If you are in a financial hardship and considering a short sale or other options available, you've come to the right place! As short sale specialists, we can explain the entire process to you while taking the reins. Our agents have been processing short sales with banks for years and have closed literally thousands. It takes a Realtor® specialized in the area of short sales to get the job done. On average, our agents have closed over 50 short sales each

What are the qualifications for a short sale?

A financial hardship of some sorts must be proven to your lenders.  A short sale isn't for someone who wants to sell, but only for someone that HAS to sell. Some financial hardships include:

  • Loss of income or job
  • Vacant rental properties
  • Major repairs needed without the resources to make them
  • Divorce
  • Job transfer / relocation
  • Major medical bills and/or illnesses
  • Increased Living Expenses

What are the Benefits of a Short Sale?

  • Once a short sale has been successfully completed, foreclosure has been avoided.  While a Foreclosure can damage your credit for up to 7 years, a short sale has a much less negative effect.
  • After completing a short sale, you can qualify for a Fannie Mae loan in as little as two years, but with a foreclosure you must wait five years minimum.
  • All sellers' closing costs are paid for and covered by your lender, including our fees. The short sale transaction is completely free to you!
  • Your home gets sold and you can move on with your life!
  • Our agents will work hard to get your lender to release you from the debt completely. The lender would waive their right to pursue a deficiency judgment at a later date for the money owed. When it comes to foreclosure, lenders have the right to come after homeowners for the debt owed in most cases.
  • A foreclosure stays on your credit whereas a short sale shows up as “Settled in Full” or "Paid as Negotiated."
  • We are able to get relocation money back over 70% of the time, up to as much as $40,000!

A ten minute call can qualify you for a short sale. Call (877)737-4903

Don’t allow foreclosure to even be an option! Call us today to discuss your circumstances and find out if a short sale is right for you and your family. Remember, the short sale process should never cost you a penny! Our team works at no cost to you.


Fill out the form below or give us a call to talk about the short sale process more
in depth, and if a short sale could be a solution for you.  Our short sale specialists
are available to speak with you at absolutely no cost or obligation.

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North Beach CA Short Sale Specialists - FREE short sale help from local Realtors to short sale your North Beach CA home. Pacific Heights California Short Sales - Pacific Heights Realtors waiting to short sale your home! Call today! Ocean Beach San Francisco CA Stop Foreclosure - Short sale Realtors in Ocean Beach CA offering free short sale services to homeowners in hardship. Mission Bay California Short Sale Realtors - Let our team of short sale specialists short sale your Mission Bay CA home for FREE! Little Hollywood CA Short Sale Specialists - FREE help and advice from local Little Hollywood CA short sale specialist Realtors. Lakeside California Short Sales - Short sale your Lakeside CA home through the Short Sale Specialist Network for FREE! Richmond Califoria Short Sale Specialist Realtors - Local Richmond Realtors offering free short sale help to home owners in hardship. Sunset California Short Sale Realtors - Short Sale Specialist Realtors helping home owners avoid foreclosure at no cost!

FREE short sale help from San Francisco, California short sale Realtors. Stop San Francisco CA foreclosure! Call the Short Sale Specialist Network and let us short sale your California home at no cost to you! Simply say "I need help to short sale my San Francisco home" or "How do I short sale my San Francisco CA home?"

Need a San Francisco CA Distressed Property Expert Certified in short sales to offer free Chase short sale services? Our San Francisco area Distressed Property Expert Certified real estate agents are here to help, and are Certified or training in the California Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or HAFA Government short sale program.

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