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Short Sale Specialist Help in San Jose CA

What exactly is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

A short sale is a type of real estate transaction where a lender agrees to accept a lower payoff amount than what is owed on a property. Within a short sale, the homeowner sells their home for less than the original worth of the property. The lender would accept a lesser amount and cut their lossesTo qualify, a homeowner must typically be in some type of financial hardship.

What are examples of a financial Hardship?

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of job Divorce or separation
  • Illness or major medical bills
  • Relocation / job transfer 
  • Increased living expenses
  • Death of a family member
  • Repairs needed with no resources to do so

Whatever your circumstances are, lenders in recent years have become much more lenient on what they consider a hardship. We can usually fully qualify you with just a ten minute phone call and let you know if a short sale is right for you. (877)737-4903

What are the benefits of a short sale?

A short sale is typically mutually beneficial and rewarding for both parties. Both parties: meaning homeowner and lender. On average it would cost a lender $58,000.00 to go forward with a foreclosure, when you also factor in depreciation, damage and holding costs. The repercussions the homeowner’s credit would take from a short sale would be nowhere near that of a foreclosure. In addition to most cases the lender waives his rights to shadow judgment on the amount owed at a later date. Once a successful short sale has been completed it will appear on your credit as "Settled in full" or "Paid as negotiated". Your home will be sold and the mortgage will be considered completely paid off, and have avoided Bankruptcy and Foreclosure. Your credit will take a far less hit from a short sale and will recover dramatically quicker. In addition, lenders are often giving relocation incentives of up to $40,000 to home owners to complete a short sale on their property.
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Can just any Real Estate agent work a short sale?

Unfortunately many Realtors® in San Jose are not experienced enough in the short sale field. Many agents are calling themselves "distressed property experts" after taking a weekend training class. There is no subsitute for experience. We have helped literally hundreds of local home owners avoid foreclosure with a short sale. The best part is that ALL of your traditional seller paid closing costs, including your real estate brokers fees, are paid for by your lender in a short sale. There is absolutely no cost to you in this process. Contact your San Jose short sale agent today to discuss your situation and the short sale process in detail.



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Our San Jose CA short sale specialist real estate agents specialize in helping homeowners stop foreclosure. Buy or sell San Jose California short sale property homes and real estate with a specialist! Call today and ask us "How do I short sale my San Jose home?" Short sale your San Jose home for FREE while saving your credit! Look no further for short sale services in San Jose CA, we can guide you through the short sale process.

Need a San Jose CA Distressed Property Expert Certified in short sales to offer free Chase short sale services? Our San Jose area Distressed Property Expert's real estate agents are here to help, and are Certified or trained in California short sales.

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