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How To Short Sale A Home

Why is it important to choose a Short Sale over a foreclosure?

A foreclosure is a solution that many homeowners think to be the only one. However, a short sale may be the best one for you. A foreclosure can haunt you for up to seven years, holding you back from qualifying for a loan, and/or owning a home again. A short sale will heal within two years from your credit, causing nowhere near the amount of damage a foreclosure would.

Will it cost me anything to do a Short Sale on my Kern County CA home?

We charge you nothing! There are no costs or out of pocket expenses for you! Our services are completely 100% free to you, the homeowner. If you are in a true financial hardship situation, your lender will pay all Sellers' closing costs. Both you and your lender may also benefit from the HAFA Program after completing your short sale. Incentives of up to $3,000.00 for you towards your relocation, and $20,000.00 or more for your lender!


When should I start the Short Sale process on my home?

As soon as possible! There is absolutely no need to procrastinate when you are trying to avoid a foreclosure. Time is of the essence and the sooner you react, the sooner the short sale process can come to a close and you can move on with the rest of your life.

How do I go about finding the right Short Sale Specialist to close a successful Short Sale on my home?

Well, you have already come to the right place. Our favorably experienced Short Sale Realtor Specialists, focus primarily on how to get you, the homeowner, out of foreclosure's way. With our highly motivated Network of Short Sale Specialists, you can count on a successful short sale. So successful, that our average agent has closed over 50 short sales! There is no other way to go, then absolute knowledge, skill and experience when you are choosing someone to represent you and get you out of a financial setback. Our San Mateo County Short Sale Specialists are waiting to hear from you and WANT to get you back on your feet!



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Our San Mateo County CA short sale specialist real estate agents specialize in helping  homeowners stop foreclosure. Buy or sell San Mateo County CA short sale property homes and real estate with a specialist! Call today and ask us "How do I short sale my San Mateo County home?" Short sale your San Mateo County California home for FREE while saving your credit! Look no further for short sale services in San Mateo County CA, we can guide you through the short sale process.

Looking for a San Mateo County CA Distressed Property Expert Certified in short sales to offer free mortgage short sale services? San Mateo County area Distressed Property Expert Certified real estate agents are here to help, and are Certified or trained in the California Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or HAFA short sale program. 


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