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 Short Sale Specialist Help in Stockton CA  


What is a short sale?

A short sale is a real estate transaction in which a home owners owes more than the value of their home, and their lender agrees to accept an amound lower than what is owed in order to avoid a much more costly foreclosure proceeding.

What are the requirements for a Short Sale in Stockton CA?

A short sale is usually ideal for a home owner who has to sell, not simply for one who wants to sell. Typically, a home owner must provide financial documentation to prove that they are in a financial hardship of some kind. Some examples of financial hardship including divorce, loss of income or employment, increased living expenses, major repairs needed to subject property, relocation or job transfer, death or major medical emergency in the family.

How can you help me?

We are a group of Stockton, CA short sale Realtors® who offer free help to home owners such as yourself. We are local real estate agents and are here to guide you through this process from start to finish, including handling the marketing and sale of your home as well as the processing of your short sale directly with your lender. In a short sale, all traditional seller paid closing costs are paid for by your lender. This includes our real estate brokerage fees. There should never be a cost to complete a short sale. In addition, we are often able to get relocation incentives back at closing from your lender. It only takes a ten minute call to us to see if you qualify.

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Our top Stockton CA short sale specialist real estate agents specialize in helping homeowners stop foreclosure. Buy or sell Stockton CA short sale property homes and real estate with a specialist! Call today and ask us "How do I short sale my Stockton home?" Short sale your Stockton California home for FREE while saving your credit and avoid foreclosure! Look no further for short sale services in Stockton CA, we can guide you through the short sale process. Need a Stockton CA short sale specialist Realtor to offer free Stockton short sale services? Stockton area Distressed Property Expert Certified real estate agents are here to help. 

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